Thursday, May 30, 2013

Defense: Russia and NATO join forces in large military drills

Source: Pravda.Ru

This autumn, Russia and NATO will hold joint military exercise in the Black Sea.

The exercise will be held within the framework of the so-called co-operation initiative in air space. NATO and Russia will train their skills in the struggle against a terrorist threat from the air. Military forces of Turkey, Poland and Norway will take part in the drills.

The intention of Russia and the allied forces to conduct a joint military exercise became known in early 2013. The goal of the drills is to practice the issues of practical cooperation on counterterrorism and logistical support. In the summer of 2013, Slovakia will hold special drills to practice the procedures to supply troops with fuel and food.

Russia will also take part in NATO drills "Vigilant Skies" in the second half of 2013. The exercise will be held to practice counter terrorism tasks in air transport.

The Russian armed forces intend to continue cooperation with NATO. The main areas of this work will include the struggle against terrorism and piracy.