Friday, May 08, 2015

Time to say goodbye

In January 2012, I decided it was time to plan ahead. I knew which way I wanted my life to go and had a pretty good idea of the time frame. I made a decision.

On January 05, 2012, I published a post called "May 2015 - the road ahead" announcing my intention to retire from blogging on May 8, 2015 - exactly ten years after the blog was first published.

That day has arrived. It is time to say goodbye.

It has been a helter-skelter ten years. Sadly, in many cases, not much has changed. Just different people dying in the same countries for basically the same reasons - greed, power, religion and fear. Fear of those who are different. Fear of those who dare to speak their minds. Fear of those willing to suffer torture or death, just so future generations have a chance of sampling that most beautiful gem - freedom.

But it has not all been gloom and doom. I have seen hope. I have met some wonderful people, dedicated to doing what they can to give this little blue dot the chance it deserves. The chance we all deserve.

I have made many friends. I have met the woman I love, the woman whose love has seen me through some of the darkest hours I could ever imagine.

Perhaps just as importantly - I have met myself.

Thank you to all those who have followed or read the blog. Without your support there would have been no point in continuing.

I would also like to thank my sources. The media organizations or rights groups whose content have made this blog possible. Without their kind cooperation and the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of their staff and journalists. this blog would not have been possible. I have tried to thank each contributor at the end of each of today's posts. However, there are a few whose content I did not post.

IDN InDepthNews
IFEX and their partners
Kaladan Press Network
Open Society Foundations
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
The late Mr B Raman

Although I will no longer be publishing this blog (or "Let's Hear You") it will remain online. All 24,003 posts! My other blogs, such as "Unleashed" and the photoblogs, will be published "now and then."

That's it. Except to say -

Wherever you may be - be safe