Thursday, January 05, 2012

Opinion: May 2015 - the road ahead

I have made a life changing decision. This blog will cease publication. However, before you either get dismayed or start cheering, it will cease publication on May 08, 2015! That means you still have nearly three and a half years!

Why that particular date you may ask - and even if you are not, I shall tell you. On that date 'i On Global Trends' will be ten years old, (first published May 2005). By that time it will have well over 25,000 articles and I will be fifty nine years old. After ten years on one project such as the blog, it will be time to kick off my shoes and move on to other horizons - many horizons in many places.

The blog will not be taken down, it will remain online unaltered and unedited (apart from any change to color scheme) for future readers to hopefully enjoy and learn from. The sad thing is, many articles I will publish in 2015, are quite likely to be very similar to those I am currently posting - only names will have changed.

Why am I posting this today? Because I look forward to 2015 and to the future - and feel bloody good about it and what lies ahead!