About IOGT

About i On Global Trends

i On Global Trends, was first published in May 2005. with the aim of giving wider exposure and a new perspective to global issues, human rights, social and legal injustices and corruption.

The blog is intended for those of you who want to know more than mainstream media want you to know.

From humble beginnings, the blog has gained a reputation for selecting and publishing informative articles from a wide variety of international sources - including hundreds of original articles by myself - such as "Goodnight From Sydney" and "Mike Hitchen Unleashed" which is also a stand alone blog.

The blog is recognized as a reliable source of information by government departments around the world, law enforcement agencies, human rights groups, universities and schools. In addition it is regularly visited and referred to by mainstream media organizations, international organizations and NGOs.

I believe that truth is only dangerous to the dangerous - a statement that has become the war cry of this blog. i On Global Trends, will continue to give you the tools to make up your own mind on issues, encourage you to seek more information from other sources, and to see the world in a way that is not possible by exclusive exposure to the mainstream media barons.

i On Global Trends, now contains more than 21,000 articles and 500 plus topics from around the world.

There are many, many more to come!

i On Global Trends, published Tue to Sat inclusive (Sydney time) - although work and social commitments may result in slight variations!

Mike Hitchen