Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Opinion: Food not lectures

I am increasingly seeing press releases and news articles from world bodies, targeting Africa's poor with their climate change message. Vast amounts of revenue are spent on such campaigns - including via public donations.
When will the cocktail-circuit world bodies realize, that a starving child wants food put in their little tummies - not be given a lecture on bloody climate change.
Word bodies - you are so fond of "Keys" to addressing famine and poverty - such as mobile phones, broadband and climate change, wake up to the fact that the major "key" to addressing such issues is direct, simple action.
I have seen so many "Keys" to addressing these issues, I feel like I have walked into a locksmiths - and very few target the real causes of poverty and famine - which are often those you like to be photographed shaking hands with, as they take time off from ignoring the needs of their people while focusing on the needs of their bank accounts.