Monday, March 23, 2009

Economy: Russia gets offer of help from Prophet Mohammed’s descendants

Said-Hamzat's family tree

The descendants of Prophet Mohammed, who live in Russia, offered their support to the Russian government in the fight against the global financial crisis. They did it on behalf of all Prophet Mohammed’s relatives.

Said-Hamzat Abdurahman Zhamalullail, a 39-year-old Mohammed’s descendant, whose family settled in the Chechen village of Starye Atagi , personally informed Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of his willingness to help. The letter was delivered to Putin and he put his signature on it. Now Said-Hamzat has become the founder and the head of the public anticorruption commission in the Chechen Republic .

Sheikh Said-Husein Zhamalullail’s descendants came to the Caucasus in 1915.

“That time Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia began to pursue descendants of Prophet Mohammed and the sheikh decided to send his ten sons to different countries around the world,” says Said-Hamzat.

“My grandfather, Said-Husein, arrived in Chechnya and settled in the village of Starye Atagi . None of Prophet Mohammed’s descendants born and brought up in Russia ever separated their destiny from destiny of the country which became their second motherland,” says Said-Hamzat.

“Like my three brothers I was brought up together with other Russian children. We, as well as other Russian people, believed in the bright future of communism and we couldn’t even think that the great Soviet Union would collapse,” he said.

After leaving school Said-Hamzat and his brothers continued their education. He graduated from the Oil and Gas Institute. When the war began, Said-Hamzat took an active part in counterterrorist operations.

Like many Chechen people, Said-Hamzat lost everything he had during the war. His house in Grozny turned into ruins. His friends allowed his family to stay for a while in their empty house in the village of Starye Atagi .

Since then Said-Hamzat’s family has been living from hand to mouth. However, the family still treasures the precious Koran and the ring, which, as legends say, came to the earth from Paradise.

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