Monday, December 15, 2008

Time for some "me time"

Well, that's that for the year! I deserve some "me time" so I am taking some.

Fortunately unlike some British media mega stars, I can do so without neglecting or betraying a child's safety and welfare. Just as well, as lacking a socio-professional network to assist me by obstructing and deriding others, I would no doubt be vilified by the media in the UK - the land of disposable children, disposable ethics and disposable morals. A land where reputations are preserved at the expense of an innocent's welfare, dignity, respect, and right to truth and justice - and that doesn't just apply to children.

A country where social workers learn about life from text books and common sense and wisdom are viewed as old fashioned qualities to be scorned and ignored. It's not what they see that matters - it's what they have been taught in the hallowed halls of a system that has failed decades of children - in more ways than one.

A system where all too often children are merely a means to a career. A system where the young, defenceless and vulnerable are used for the enjoyment of fine pillars of society while too many charged with the protection of the young, turn their backs - not to avoid seeing a child's pain - but to avoid seeing anything that may incriminate one of the chosen few.

A system where those who do speak out are liable to become victims of intimidation, harassment and attempts to silence words that would spill messy beans on an old school tie. A system where the innocent become the guilty and preyed upon, while the guilty become the innocent and protected.

The break will not all be "me time" though. I will be working on some new projects but at a realistic pace! The blog will also return if the need arises - especially if there are any developments in some of the key issues I have been covering.

It has been an interesting year with November bringing with it the wind of change - or at least the hope of change.

Over the years I have been publishing this blog, I have come to accept that one man's "change" is another man's status quo. I post articles full of promises of "change" pledged by an increasing number of organisations with increasingly fancy acronyms. All too often the acronyms are like the expensive clothes sported by those who stand at the lecterns waiting for the applause of the backslappers - they conceal the reality of what lies beneath.

But who knows - maybe next year will be different. Maybe all the money that has been pledged in 2008 will put food in the mouths of the starving, the homeless will enjoy shelter and the oppressed enjoy freedom. Perhaps the blog will be full of articles gleefully describing tales of racial and religious harmony and tolerance. Children will be children, not soldiers. Tin pot generals with their designer sunglasses and over-fed bodies adorned with design-yourself-medals, will realise there are no winners in war - only the dead and maimed.

Perhaps, but I doubt it. There are fortunes to be made out other people's misery and suffering - and you will find such beneficiaries amongst the pages of this blog - all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, colours and religions.

I thank you for your support over the last year - and I hope that like myself, you will return on January 12, 2009. Till then have a great festive season...

... and wherever you may be - be safe.

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