Monday, May 12, 2008

Child Abuse: Australian businessman calls for boycott of British driving school

Australian businessman Mike Hitchen, has today called for a boycott of The Freeway Driving School in Selly Oak, Birmingham, run by discredited author Jill Havern.

Havern is a keen supporter of known child pervert Jeremy Young, a housing association tenant in Bradford, well known to police and social services following numerous sexual comments he made about his stillborn baby - and concern for his newborn baby.

Havern has been instrumental in several spoof blogs set up in Mr Hitchen's name in which unfounded allegations have been made against him. The tactics have involved the fabrication of statements by West Yorkshire Police.

Havern has previously admitted and boasted about making a hoax call to NSW police, alleging Mr Hitchen abuses his mother - a call that led to he rbeing labelled a "sick nutter" by visiting police.

Havern has in the past been the subject of a complaint to West Midlands Police and the Driving Standards Authority after the sudden and mass appearance of testimonials on her driving school's business directory page.

Mr Hitchen, a well known and respected blogger was quoted as saying, "Would you let your son or daughter learn to drive with a woman who openly supports a man who talks about others masturbating over images of his stillborn baby and whose business ethics are open to question?"

Footnote: Question for Jeremy Young.

Why is it that without fail, you and your supporters make your allegations and outlandish allegations about me, hiding behind "anonymous"? Yet I on the other hand, have publicly displayed contact detailed details, including address, phone numbers and even maps and photographs, from the moment I first used the internet.
I still do, and I don't intend to change.

I realise that your chemically addled brain may find this next suggestion hard to grasp - but if anything you have said about me is true, or if I had anything to hide or be ashamed of, don't you think I would have acted as cowardly as you and your accomplices?

Makes you think doesn't it?

But then again, I am not the one who continually writes about sex with children - it is you and your supporters who do that.

Mike Hitchen, Mike Hitchen Consulting Publisher of
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