Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Grubs: Unheard Voices

This blog has become a place where those who feel frustration and anger with various aspects of the Madeleine McCann issue can have a voice. I do not delete posts except for legal reasons - and today, I have even turned a blind eye to that, (Um, I don't have copyright permission for *that* article to be republished in full - but I am working on it!).

The vast majority of responses show the depth of feeling against the parents, the British press and the government. But still there are voices that are seldom heard.

The voices of those who are suffering because of this issue.

As Gerry McCann regales his readers with wondrous tales of picking up friends from the airport, dining with other members of the McCann Rat Pack and staged photo opportunities with twins who have become props in a multi-media make over, ordinary mums and dads are suffering and feeling the plight of Madeleine.

My mail box is full of letters - mostly from mums - who can not sleep and cry more than they eat. They may not post to this forum and perhaps only I "hear" their voices. But they are there. I do not lie - I leave that to others involved in this affair.

They are suffering because of the actions of two people who treat the public with as much lack of respect as they did Madeleine on the night they abandoned her. The McCanns first betray their daughter, now they are betraying the very people they are appealing to.

Why should my readers be the ones to suffer when the Grubs themselves show little sign of emotion? Please don't tell me the couple are trained professionals - that's a load of bollocks - the last refuge of supporters who lack the communication skills - and the true belief - to defend the indefensible.

I am not going to post anything such readers have sent me - I am not even going to quote passages from their emails.

I just want others to know they are there. Maybe someone who can listen - then speak louder than I can.

Are you reading this Gerry? - have a canape.