Saturday, May 06, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Tonight's photo: I have no idea of the name of this ship - I just love the figurehead!

I don't normally like covering the same topic two nights in a row, but tonight I will make an exception - for an exceptional little girl.

For those of you who were saddened by last night's post regarding little Sophie, here is an update.

* Sophie has been officially cleared of any serious head injury and is said to be, "fighting back"

* She remains in a critical but stable condition in intensive care where she is expected to remain on a ventilator for at least three weeks.

* Doctors hope to know tomorrow if Sophie's broken ribs have caused damage to her heart

* Sophie suffered a broken jaw and shoulder bone, bruising to her head, numerous rib fractures and bleeding around her left lung

* Dr Jonny Taitz, told the Sydney Morning Herald, "She really is a fighter...I didn't believe she would survive that first day (of the first accident). Everything she has done subsequently has proved the medical profession wrong"

* Thousands of emails of support, prayers and wishes have been sent. So too have teddy bears, flowers and a candlelight vigil held outside the hospital.

In my opinion, her father made the quote of the year.

"I put Sophie's survival firstly to her courage and her strength but I also ... believe in the old chain theory, links in the chain

"You know, if it wasn't for Careflight she mightn't be here now.

"If it wasn't for the Red Cross she would definitely not be here now.

"If it wasn't for the good staff of the children's hospital here and our friends at Westmead Children's Hospital she wouldn't be here now.

"If it wasn't for the love of her family and her friends and the prayers of the community she may not be here as well.

"You only need one weak link and we probably wouldn't have Sophie now."

Tomorrow I will be guesting on Jin's blog, The Devil's Advocate. I am not sure what my contribution will be this time, but it is likely to be another story in a similar theme.

For the reader who didn't like my last story but failed to say why, I doubt if you will like tomorrow's either. I would address you by name, but I will respect your demonstrated desire to remain anonymous.

I could point out that posting anonymously and failing to give reasons to validate words such as "pathetic," does rather tend to diminish your credibility. However, as it is obvious that credibility is not a concept you are familiar with, I wont bother.

Today's candidate for the "That's a bloody good title" competition is -

What Will I Know Tomorrow?

Remember, I select the candidate from blogs I have come across while surfing Blog Explosion during the day.

Wherever you may be - be safe