Sunday, May 07, 2006

God's away on business

It is Sunday here in Australia, and I have made the decision not to blog on Sundays. Starting next week, I will be receiving medical treatment twice a week instead of just Friday. Taking Sunday off gives the chance to psyche myself up and have some free time.

However, I will be guesting each Sunday, on Jin's blog, The Devil's Advocate. Today's story, "Things Will Be Different There" is already posted.

It is not on the same theme as last week's contribution, which had a much narrower target market.

It's been an odd couple of weeks in Australia. Human tragedy affecting ordinary, decent people on a scale that has caught national attention. It seems to be one thing after another.

On the grand scale of things, nothing that would make earth shattering global headlines. We are not talking in terms of tens of thousands of dead. In some cases, hopefully we are not talking about death at all. But sometimes, it is the small scale that has most impact. People we do not actually know, but at the same time, would be no stranger in our living rooms.

It seems that as far as Australia is concerned recently...

*...God's away on business

Wherever you may be - be safe!

*Tom Waits song title