Saturday, April 15, 2006

International Development: World Bank grants $4.5 million to Muslim Aid

Press Release

Muslim Aid reports that the World Bank has awarded a reconstruction project worth more than $4.5 million to Muslim Aid, to deliver the flood mitigation project in Banda Aceh after the tsunami destroyed the flood control network infrastructure more than a year ago.

The World Bank has been encouraged by the success Muslim Aid has had in the housing programme in Banda Aceh. As a result, Muslim Aid has been asked to implement a project that will re-establish functioning storm water and marine flood protection systems in Banda Aceh.

"By signing this agreement with the world's biggest financial institution, we have started a new era of delivering large-scale development projects," said Farooq Murad, chairman of Muslim Aid. "It is a challenging project, and we will gain valuable expertise from its successful implementation."

This project is funded by the Multi Donor Fund with the World Bank acting as a trustee. Under the project, Muslim Aid will supply and install one-way flow valves, and carry out other important civil works, to provide urgent tidal flood protection where sea water incursion currently occurs at high tides. In addition, Muslim Aid will install storm water flood protection to Banda Aceh.

This work will include the construction of five pumping stations, two flood storage ponds, and more than 100 one-way flow valves to prevent storm water incursion into the internal drainage system.

Muslim Aid will also be repairing drainage channels and doing other civil works. The project will further train over 40 local engineers, before handing the plants over to the local and provincial government agencies. The project will be implemented within two years.