Friday, April 14, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Tonight's photo: Blue Mountains, outside Sydney. Taken Dec 2004

It seems that Sydney is getting in to the Easter spirit - even with commercial free-to-air TV networks. Channel Seven is tonight, (Good Friday) showing Mel Gibson's controversial movie, "The Passion Of The Christ". The interesting thing about this screening is that is that it is "Commercial Free & Uncut". That is not something that happens too often in the highly competitive and often cut throat world of Sydney television!

While I am talking about Easter, I will try to get out either Saturday or Easter Monday. If the blog does not appear tomorrow, you will know why.

It has been a long time since I have moved out of the office, (I don't count trips to the hospital as "outings"!). I am beginning to feel like a character in a WWII prison camp movie - I have an urge to form an escape committee. All I need is the stiff upper lip and an American to take the star role!


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Life's Enigmas

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Wherever you may be - be safe!