Friday, February 24, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Where the bloody hell are you?

Get used to that phrase as it is the tagline of Australia's new $180 million international tourism campaign. The question is posed by a young girl after a series of shots in which "everyday Australians" are shown saying: "We've poured you a beer, we've shampooed the camel, we've got the 'roos off the green" and "we've got the sharks out of the pool".

The ad has sparked controversy in this country, which is not unusual as anything that is announced by the government or business always sparks controversy. Our Prime Minister, who last month criticised Australians for not being polite defended the ad saying:

"I think watching that young girl walking up the beach, I don't think there's anything bad mannered about that..I think it's a very attractive image and I don't think people will see that is in any way bad mannered, quite the reverse."

I think he just stopped short of saying she may be bad mannered but at least she has a nice pair of knockers.

"The aim of the exercise ... is to attract to Australia, and you attract people to Australia by reinforcing all the positive perceptions, and their perceptions are that we are a friendly people, we have nice beaches, we have a nice environment and we are made up of people from different parts of the world."

If you wish to judge for yourself, click here.

Tonight's photo is one I intend to submit to the Australian Tourist Board for potential use in it's next advertising campaign. "Welcome to Australia's aesthetically designed cities."

Wherever the bloody hell you may be - be bloody safe!

I think my usual "catch-phrase" has a better ring to it somehow.

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