Thursday, November 24, 2005

Training: Plan & Promote a Training Program - Evaluating an external training program

By Mike Hitchen Consulting - the consultancy that puts principles before profits.

When you are evaluating external training programs it is a good idea to have a checklist of questions to ask about each one before you consider using it. The following questions give a well rounded evaluation of a training program.

* Is it appropriate to your learner's needs?

* Does it have a country specific focus? (for example, if you are in the US or UK etc., you don't want a program with an Australian focus)

* Is it up to date?

* Does it have wide ranging or narrow application?

* Does the cost reflect the actual value?

* Can you get help with it when you have a problem?

* Does it need special equipment requirements, for example extra software?

* Is there a process by which products regularly update or revise it?

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Mike Hitchen
Mike Hitchen Consulting