Thursday, November 24, 2005

International Development: Knowledge Gap the major cause of poverty

Another report generated by the usual Cocktail Circuit Mafia, has identified yet another cause of poverty. This time a United Nations Development agency blames 60 per cent of poverty on the "Knowledge Gap".

According to the 2005 Industrial Development report, this is the major factor behind the giant income disparity between Sub-Saharan African countries and industrialized countries.

There is no doubt that the "knowledge gap" is one factor contributing to poverty but the report apparently fails to recognise the massive corruption of government officials and certain charities and NGOs.

However, I agree that the knowledge gap needs to be closed. The people need to move from wondering where their next meal will come from, to actually knowing.

In the meantime there will be more theories, more seminars, more workshops. Anyone want another sausage on a stick to go with the chardonnay?