Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

Time to put the blog to bed for the night!

Tonight I was watching our SBS World News, which along with Australia's ABC, is the only news worth watching. Sadly, the news on other stations is basically mind candy for those who like to be told what to think, rather than go to all that bother of having to think things through for themselves.

An SBS film crew were touring New Orleans in a boat when they were flagged down and asked to go to a house where five young children were stranded.

The footage showed the crew entering the house - and the body of their dead mother lying on a bed. The children had stayed with her for five days.

The camera crew took the children away in their boat. The children were silent. They didn't need to speak, their faces spoke for them.

I looked at their faces and could see their past - and their future.

I doubt that many will ever know what happens to those children, the twists and turns their lives will take.

Maybe they will remember the men with strange accents who gently led them away. I am sure that the crew involved will always remember them.

And you know, I can not honestly say that I will remember them. Will I see their faces play before me in the theatre of my mind? Probably not if I am honest. Sure, they may stay with me for a while, and in the years to come even cross my mind now and then.

But in reality, for me their lives only lasted a short time. But the children can't switch channels. For them it is reality TV for life. Except in their show - there are no winners.

Wherever you may be - be safe!