Monday, May 30, 2005

Comment: Paris Hilton gets spanked

I wonder how many of you were attracted here by the headline? No story details - just a headline. I provided the words, your imagination and curiosity did the rest.

Nor did I get you here under false pretences. Paris Hilton and her ad for Carl Jr. restaurants were spanked, (the same way a headline may read, "Red Sox/Manchester United get spanked") by a variety of groups set up to protect you, me, our children and our children's children. Something most of us do pretty well with an on/off switch.

Let's face it, sex sells. The use of sex in advertising has been around for decades. Just take a walk through time by visiting the excellent, Gallup & Robinson website to view ads from pre WW2 to the present.

Sex is an attention grabber that plays on human nature. No matter how much the Modern Day Missionaries of Political Correctness try to change us, we still remain with the natural instincts mother nature, in all her wisdom, bestowed upon us, (am I allowed to say "Mother Nature?")

There is also another concept that sells - controversy.

The Parents Television Council, who appear to spend more time making complaints than they do spending quality time with their children, (according to Mediaweek 99.9% of complaints that reach the FCC, come via the PTC), were of course, quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Their fervour was such that the controversy helped drive so much traffic to Carl's Jr.'s site, that it crashed. Gee, I wonder if the ad's creators considered such a thing may happen?

Much of America and indeed the world, now know the name of the restaurant. Not bad considering the ad has only shown on the west coast.

I have seen the ad, (someone has to research these things and I have seen it several times so as to be sure), and although it's hardly Mary Poppins, it is relatively inoffensive.

I certainly was not as shocked or offended as I have been by the sight of men and women, fighting for "God and for Country" abusing and torturing innocent Iraqis. An issue on which the right wing God and For Country, Parents Television Council, have remained silent.