Friday, May 08, 2015

Bilateral Relations: Minister wants Iran to supply crude oil, build refinery in Indonesia


Kuala Lumpur, May 7, IRNA – Director General of Oil and Gas from Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said on Thursday that Indonesia wants Iran to supply crude oil and build oil refineries in Indonesia.

Gusti Nyoman Wiratmadja said that Indonesia is negotiating with Iran for importing crude oil and building new refineries in Indonesia.

He added that cooperation between Indonesia and Iran is under consideration and the cooperation would not be excluded to crude oil.

Wiratmadja said that Iran intends to build an oil refinery in Indonesia and added that it is expected such cooperation will encourage Indonesia to seek Iranian partnership for building four refineries in next 10 years.

Meanwhile, Iran's Vice-President Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said during his visit to Indonesia that Iran agreed to export crude oil to the country and Iran will build an oil refinery and a power plant in Indonesia.

The VP added that a high ranking delegation from Indonesia will visit Iran in current month of May.

Exactly ten years after I first published this blog, today is the last day of publication. I would like to thank IRNA for the excellent content they have provided over the years. Without their cooperation and the hard work of their journalists, this blog could not have lasted so long.