Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bilateral Relations: Iran, Turkey keen on expansion of ties

Source: IRNA

Defense ministers of Iran and Turkey on Friday expressed their interest in promoting bilateral ties in the fields of defense and military and called for peaceful settlement of regional problems.

Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, participating in Istanbul Peace Summit, left Tehran for Turkey on Thursday and conferred with his Turkish counterpart, Ismet Yilmaz, on the sidelines of the event.

During the meeting, the two ministers said the problems facing the region should be tackled through peaceful means such as dialogue, maintaining that military intervention will only complicate the situation.

Dehqan touched on Iran and Turkey's extraordinary capabilities in the domains of defense and military, contending that Tehran-Ankara cooperation in the fields will help consolidate peace and stability in the region.

Yilmaz, for his part, described Iran-Turkey borders as borders of peace and friendship, noting that fortunately, the two countries have no dispute in any affair and differences in views are solvable through dialogue among the officials.

Dehqan enlisted certain commonalities of the two nations, saying that commonalities are so abundant that differences can have no impact on bilateral ties.