Friday, October 24, 2014

Zimbabwe: Maize Seed Price Hike Worries Zimbabwe Farmers

Source: Voice of America

Jonga Kandemiiri
22.10.2014 14:27

The Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers’ Union (ZCFU) says producers' move to hike the price of seed maize will affect farmers who may end up looking for cheap alternatives resulting in low crop harvests in the 2014-2015 agricultural season.

ZCFU president Wonder Chabikwa told VOA Studio 7 the union is unaware of the reasons behind the hikes.

He said seed producers did not consult with the unions or other stakeholders.
Farmers discovered this week that the prices of seed maize had gone up by nearly 30%.

According to the state-controlled Herald newspaper, a 25 kilogram bag is now selling at prices between $68.00 and $113.00, up from between $57.00 and $96.00. A 10 kilogram bag now costs between $27.50 and $31.00, up from between $21.00 and $24.00.

Fertilizers are also reportedly sold at between $34.00 and $38.00 a bag.

Chabikwa said the situation has been worsened by the lack of government grants to boost crop
Interview With Wonder Chabikwa