Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ukraine: Concept of operations for EU civilian advisory mission in Ukraine agreed

Source: European Union

The concept of operations for the EU Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine), a civilian mission under the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy, was agreed today. This is another step towards the rapid start of the mission's work in support of efficient, trusted and democratically controlled civilian security services in Ukraine.

Based on further analysis and consultations, including with Ukrainian counterparts, the concept of operations gives greater detail about the objectives of EUAM: It will advise on and mentor the development of a strategy for reforming the civilian security sector, a framework for planning concrete steps and a structure to oversee their implementation. The respect for human rights, the fight against corruption and gender issues will feature on the mission's agenda across its different fields of action. EU experts are to be co-located with their counterparts in the relevant Ukrainian bodies. EUAM will also ensure coordination and coherence with other EU efforts, as well as with the OSCE and other international partners.

EUAM Ukraine, headquartered in Kyiv, is an unarmed, non-executive civilian mission. It was established in July 2014 and is led by Head of Mission Kálmán Mizsei. Currently, additional planning documents for the mission are being prepared. The formal launch of the mission's operations will take place once initial operating capability has been reached later this year and will start the two-year mandate of the mission.
Today's decision was taken at the level of the Council's Political and Security Committee. Formal adoption by the Council will follow.

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