Thursday, October 02, 2014

Middle East: Hezbollah advises Bahraini regime "to heed people's righteous demands"

Source: IRNA

Beirut, Oct 2, IRNA – Issuing a communiqué here Wednesday, Lebanese Hezbollah advised Bahrain's Al Khalifa regime to heed people's righteous demands and refrain from resorting to the methods that further complicate the situation and deepen the crisis there.

'The Bahraini system is not even ready to listen to the righteous, legal, and peaceful demands of that country's people,' reads the communiqué of the Hezbollah Public Relations.

In the communiqué that is issued in reaction to the recent comments made by Bahrain's information minister it is reiterated that Bahrain's political system has for several years been pursuing populist, deceiving policies, diverting the realities, and accusing and condemning the popular and peaceful movements of that country.

'The main objective of pursuing those policies is defaming those popular movements, accusing them of pursuing terrorist objectives and of being the mercenaries of foreign governments,' it adds.

Bahrain's Information Minister Samirah Rajab had recently claimed that the Lebanese Hezbollah has a hand in Bahraini people's protest rallies.