Thursday, August 28, 2014

Syria: Iran criticizes US plan to bombard Syria

Source: IRNA

Tehran, Aug 27, IRNA – Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said US plan for aerial bombardment of Syria is not acceptable because the groups fighting there are not conventional military units, but are positioned in houses.

Speaking in the closing ceremony of the 10th International Energy Conference (IEC 2014) here in Tehran on Wednesday, Larijani said the Americans, with no doubt, tried hard to disrupt the affairs in Iran in the years after the victory of Islamic Revolution, but with no success.

He said we have repeatedly declared that we oppose with occupation of Iraq, but the Americans did not listen to our advice. They spent six thousand billion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan and left thousands of dead and wounded and finally had to leave the area.

We were opposed with occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, but the Americans, under the pretext of fighting against narcotics and terrorism, attacked Afghanistan and while production of narcotics in year 2001 was 200,000 tons, now it has reached 800,000 tons and drugs are transiting through Afghanistan airports.

Larijani continued that Iran is not politically a neutralized country and is not dependent on any big powers.

The Majlis speaker underlined necessity of having a strategic document on energy so the resources could be used appropriately.

ˈWe also have common fields of resources with our neighbors, which should be invested on rapidly,ˈ said Larijani.

Referring to the hue and cry of the west about Iranˈs nuclear activities, Larijani said that our approach to the issue is to use nuclear energy inside the country and if we are stressing on Uranium enrichment, it is because we do not trust the West.

Larijani said that production of energy causes sustainable security in the region, adding that we should not use energy to create conflict, but it should be an element for tranquility.

The 2-day conference with the theme of ˈefficiency in resource, management- excellency in energy industryˈ wrapped up here on Wednesday. The conference was organized by Iranian Energy Committee.