Thursday, July 10, 2014

Middle East: Iran, Russia underline need to help Iraq fight terrorism

Source: IRNA

Iranˈs Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaee and head of State Duma International Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, on Wednesday stressed the need for international efforts to strengthen the Iraqi government in the fight terrorism in the country.

Examining the factors that led to current situation in Iraq, the two officials called for international community to help the Iraqi government combat the IS terrorists.

During the meeting, they also agreed that establishing peace, security and stability in Iraq is possible only by fighting terrorism as a detrimental phenomenon to regional statesˈ security.

Urging the Western governments to avoid exercising double standards vis-à-vis terrorism, Sanaee and Pushkov called for the international assistance to the Iraqi government to maintain the Iraqi national sovereignty and national solidarity as significant factors to thwart menace of terrorism.

Pushkov criticized USˈ regional policies in the past two decades, calling for further cooperation between Tehran and Moscow about the current regional and international issues.

Sanaee referred to the growing trend of ties between Tehran and Moscow after the 11th government took office in Iran and underlined the need for maintaining the trend in all fields.

Pointing to the great role of two countries in international and regional equations, Sanaee contended that efforts to strengthen each other in the face of current international developments are a necessity.

Given the two countriesˈ close stance about the regional developments, Iraq and Syria in particular, Sanaee called for further use of diplomatic initiatives of Tehran and Moscow to help resolve regional crises by the regional states themselves.