Saturday, May 24, 2014

Africa: Change in Government must not lead to impunity

Source: Amnesty

The interim president of the Central African Republic (CAR), Catherine Samba-Panza, must ensure that changes in the makeup of the government do not result in a situation where people suspected of crimes under international law may use government roles to enjoy impunity, said Amnesty International today. The organization is also calling on president Samba-Panza to guarantee that those suspected of involvement in war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious human rights abuses are investigated and held to account in fair trials.

“Amnesty International considers that individuals reasonably suspected of having committed crimes under international law or human rights abuses should not be allowed to hold positions of authority where they could repeat their crimes or abuses,” said Christian Mukosa, Amnesty International’s Central Africa researcher.

“There should be no space for impunity in Central African Republic. It is imperative that those suspected of participating in the horrific human rights abuses that have been committed in CAR over recent months are investigated, tried and punished, not allowed to use their positions to enjoy impunity.”

“The transitional government must ensure that members of the anti-balaka militia, the Seleka and their respective allies suspected of involvement in human rights abuses are brought to justice so that the long journey to lasting peace and respect for human rights can begin.”

In a speech to the National Transitional Council on 6 May, President Samba-Panza pledged to reshuffle her government and make it more inclusive and representative.