Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iran: Russia - Iran ready to take major steps in nuclear talks

Source: IRNA

Moscow, Nov 19, IRNA – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Iran is ready to take considerable steps to meet world community demands and this opportunity should not be lost.

In an interview with Russian daily “Rossiyskaya Gazetta” on Monday, Lavrov said, I agree with the US Secretary of States remarks that we should not miss this opportunity to settle Iran’s nuclear issue, because steps which Iran is to take are very considerable.

He continued that he had a telephone conversation with his American counterpart John Kerry on Monday about Iran’s nuclear program.

Lavrov refrained from revealing details of the Geneva talks between Iran and Group 5+1, but said given the fact that some people consider it as a historical mistake, which gives an opportunity to Iran to build a nuclear bomb, we cannot keep silent.

He said that this evaluation is far from reality, because Iran is ready to take steps more than what the G 5+1 had requested early this year.

He added that suspicion to Russia, USA and other participants in talks with Iran and accusing them of a non-professional work on final document is disrespect to our mental abilities and decisive political principles.

Upon principles which we follow, every move to proliferate atomic weapons in the world should be prevented, said Lavrov.

The Russian senior diplomat finally expressed hope for taking a constructive approach in the upcoming Geneva talks.