Thursday, October 31, 2013

Iran: Zarif - Iran experiencing remarkably different situation worldwide

Source: IRNA

Pretoria, Oct 31, IRNA – Visiting Foreign Minister of iran Mohammad Javad Zarif said Wednesday evening that performance of the Iranians in the countrys latest presidential election has led to a remarkable change in Irans internatioal situation.

Zarif made the remarks in a gathering of the Iranians residing in South Africa.

The Iranian minister is in Pretoria to take part in the 11th joint commission of Iran and South Africa.

Iran is now enjoying a different international attitude thanks to the smart presence of the Iranian nation in the latest presidential elections, said the minister.

Stressing Iran’s potential in settling regional problems, especially those in Iraq and Syria, Zarif also noted that the whole story of putting pressures on Iran for its nuclear program was because big powers could not tolerate a powerful Iran.

He said he believed the focus on the Iranian nuclear program was not because of concerns about the country’s potentials and capabilities but, in fact, it was an attempt to destroy the power Iran has been building in the region during the past three decades.

According to Zarif the West was trying to rob Iran of its strategies under the pretext of being worried about Iran’s capabilities.