Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Iran: Envoy - Israel anger shows Iran is taking steps in right direction

Source: IRNA

New York, Oct 23, IRNA – Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations said that anger of Israel is a good sign that Iran is taking steps in the right direction.

Mohammad Khazaei, on behalf of Non-Aligned Movement called for the UN Security Council action against invasion of the Zionist regime of the sacred sites in the city of Qods.

He expressed deep concern of the NAM members over invasion of the Zionist regime against al-Aqsa Mosque and insult of radical settlers to religious sites in the city of Qods and asked the UNSC to act promptly to stop such moves that endanger peace and security in the region.
He added that NAM wants the UNSC to consider such a dangerous issue, which threats international peace and stability and act to stop such provoking behavior of the Zionist regime and insult against sacred places.

Khazaei also expressed NAM members concern over violation of Palestinian human rights by the Zionist regime and massacre of civilians in military attacks and applying force, arrest and imprisonment as a part of such behavior.

He added that illegal blockade of Gaza Strip is another worrying issue that has seriously hurt civilian people and NAM members strongly condemn these acts and call for ending such illegal acts of the Zionist regime.