Saturday, September 14, 2013

Iran: President Putin 'underlines peaceful nature' of Iran’s nuclear program

Source: IRNA

“Making peaceful use of nuclear energy is Iran’s righteous right,” the Russian president said, adding, “We support Iran’s decision for being transparent in its nuclear program.”

Putin underlined that Russia is hopeful about his country’s fruitful cooperation with Iran.

“Iran is our good neighbor and we have very extensive cooperation with that country which will continue in the future,” the Russian president added.

President Hassan Rohani, in a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Bishkek on Friday, called for swift resolution of the West’s nuclear standoff with Iran.

During the meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Bishkek on Friday, President Rohani said, “On Iran’s nuclear issues we want immediate resolution within the international regulations.”

During the meeting, Rohani reiterated that under the present sensitive conditions of the region, especially the Middle East, the more the consultations, the more the possibility of resolving the issues.

“Russia has taken important steps in these areas in the past and today more opportunity is available to take more effective steps,” he added.

Meantime, the Iranian president pointed to Russia’s initiative for resolving the Syrian crisis, and said, “Russia’s initiative in this crisis and also the steps taken by the Syrian government has created a hope to prevent outbreak of a new war in the region.”

President Rohani thanked his Russian counterpart for his felicitation message earlier on the occasion of his appointment as Iran’s new president and also participation of Putin’s envoy in his inauguration ceremony last month.

“Russia as Iran’s big neighbor has always been deemed important by all Iranian governments and we are calling for the further expansion of ties between Tehran and Moscow in the 11th government,” the Iranian president said.

The Russian president, for his part, described Iran as a very important and good neighbor for Russia, and said, “Tehran and Moscow can cooperate in different areas and within the framework of bilateral, regional and international cooperation framework, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.”