Friday, August 30, 2013

Syria: Iran - Speaker: US plan against Syria premeditated

Source: IRNA

Qom, Aug 30, IRNA – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani calling US stand on Syria “cunning” said here Thursday that it has been months that the Americans have been preparing themselves to act against Syria.

According to IRNA, Larijani made the comment in a meeting with the press, emphasizing, ˈA military attack against Syria is not an issue for which America has planned in the course of the past couple of days.ˈ

He reiterated, “The UN Special Envoy on Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, too, has confirmed that the Americans have been preparing their forces ever since four months ago for acting against Syria, but the Europeans were opposed to the move.”

The Parliament Speaker referred to the trouble-making of the western countries, particularly the United Sates in case of the Iranian nuclear file, saying, “By this move (invading Syria) the US intends to create obstacles in the way of Iran’s influence in the region and the world.”

Larijani said that the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic system are resistant to confront the westernersˈ totalitarianism, adding, “The Iranian nation has always emphasized on materializing its absolute rights.”

He said assuming that the nuclear issue could be resolved through negotiations with the US is a very remote possibility and hard to imagine, adding, “The basis for negotiations must be respecting the Iranian nation’s rights, which the Americans do not intend to observe, and I do not think we will gain any result out of negotiations, either.”

He referred to the Iranian nation’s decision to be benefitted from its international rights, reiterating, “The main basis for resistance against the irrational demands of the western countries is getting strong and strengthening the foundations of our countyˈs economy.”

Larijani emphasized, “A country that imports wheat cannot say that it resists against the oppressor powers of the world, therefore, we need to gain strength in many fields, one of which is strengthening our economy and our national production.”

Elsewhere in his press conference Ali Larijani said, “The Supreme Leader, too, said in his meeting with the cabinet members that the existing potentials in the country should be used aimed at resolving the problems and expressed hope that the cabinet members with the valuable experience that they have, must more than ever before aim at the development and advancement of the country.”

He added, “As the 11th government is taking advantage of individuals (ministers) who are well experienced, it can be successful in resolving the problems and in this respect the Islamic Parliament, too, will do all its best to assist the government.”

Larijani reiterated, “If we will increase the national will and if we will become a country with a strong economy, then we will be able to have the upper hand in the negotiations and the enemies will not be able to encounter the Islamic system.”