Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bilateral Relations: Iran calls for enhanced economic ties with Belarus

Source: IRNA

Moscow, July 29, IRNA – Iranian ambassador to Belarus Mohammad-Reza Sabouri on Monday called for expansion of economic and trade relations between Tehran and Minsk.

Sabouri made the remarks during a meeting with Kanstancin Sumar, regional governor of Brest province in western Belarus.Economic relations between Iran and Belarus benefit both nations and meet their needs, he said.

He voiced Iranˈs willingness to import food products from Brest Province.ˈOur focus is to remove obstacles on the way of promotion of trade relations between the two countries,ˈ he said.

Referring to high level of Tehran-Minsk political relations, he described current trade ties lagging behind and insufficient, calling for ways to improve bilateral cooperation.

Sumar, for his part, expressed readiness to make effort to promote trade relations between Brest province and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

ˈMore than half of food products produced in Brest are for exportˈ, he said. ˈWe are ready to export our products to Iran and other Persian Gulf states.ˈ

Belarus is divided into six major provinces including Brest Province. This province of Belarus is situated in the south-western part of the country bordering Poland and Ukraine.

This province in Belarus is divided into 16 district cities, 16 rural districts, 3 municipalities and 2195 villages. The industrial sector of Brest province comprises of food industry, light industry and machines industry.

Other industries include various equipment, manufacturing industries. The region specializes in cattle breeding for milk and meat products.