Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Venezuela: Minister - Iran constructing about 3,500 houses in Venezuela

Source: IRNA

Tehran, June 4, IRNA – Venezuelan Housing Minister Ricardo Molina said that Iran will construct a total of 3,456 housing units in Valencia city of the central Carabobo state.

The Venezuelan housing minister made the remarks during a visit to housing construction process of Ciudad Plaza district of Valencia city on Tuesday.

ˈCooperation between Iran and Venezuela will be reinforced by construction of 3,456 housing units in Valencia city,ˈ Molina said.

He noted that due to mutual cooperation between Iran and Venezuela, the Latin American country is witnessing an unprecedented growth in the housing sector.

ˈThe first phase of the above project comprising about 1,000 houses will be ready for delivery by end of 2013,ˈ Molina added.