Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Iran: Rohani says his govt will not compromise Iranian nationˈs rights

Source: IRNA

Tehran, June 17, IRNA – Iran President-elect Hassan Rohani said on Monday that the US should meet all conditions and the government will not compromise Iranian nationˈs rights.

Rohani, addressing his first press conference after election victory, said, ˈAll should know that the new government will not compromise Iranian nationˈs rights and on the same basis, we are ready for easing tension.ˈ

To a question by the US NBC correspondent about his reaction to the US State Departmentˈs call for direct talks with Iran, Rohani said, ˈAny talks with the US should be based on mutual respect and on an equal footing. Definitely, all conditions should be met. Iranˈs relations with the US is a complicated and difficult issue, not being simple. There is a chronical wound which should be treated by prudence. Of course, we would not favor tension.ˈ

As for certain conditions set by Iran for direct talks with the US, the President-elect said, ˈFirst of all the US Administration must honor the Algeria Accord it signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran on non-interference in Iranˈs internal affairs. And that, Americans would officially recognize, all rights, including nuclear rights of Iranian nation.ˈ

He said that the US should stop unilateralism and bullying towards Iran.

ˈOf course, if the conditions are met and the ground prepared and in case of displaying goodwill from the US government, the situation may improve.ˈ

To a question on prospect of Iranˈs relations with the Latin American states, Rohani said, ˈOur priority would be firstly our neighbors, the Islamic and non-aligned states. We favor expansion of relations with all countries, including the Latin American states.ˈ

Elsewhere in the press conference, Rohani said his ˈNational Unityˈ government would be ultra-factional and pro-meritocracy.

ˈThis means that in the new government all the qualified manpower, including the moderates, reformists and principalists would work together.ˈ

Asked about prospect of Iran-China relations, Rohani said Iran-China relations have always been good and cooperation would continue.