Friday, June 07, 2013

Iran: Election official - Peopleˈs votes well protected, fraud impossible

Source: IRNA

Kashmar, North Khorasan Prov, June 6, IRNA – Deputy Interior Minister and Head of Registrars Organization Mohammad Nazemi-Ardekani said here Thursday legible votersˈ credibility would be checked, and thus no one can claim occurrence of fraud in upcoming elections.

According to IRNA, Dr. Nazemi-Ardekani who was speaking at a gathering of members of Executive and Supervision Teams of Bardeskan District of Kashmar, added, ˈThe prevailing atmosphere at the Interior Ministry today is quite trustworthy and when a voter presents his national identity card and his identity booklet his identity is clearly identified by the election officials.ˈ

He expressed hope that in the upcoming elections in addition to checking the credibility of the legible voters, the identity documents of the individuals, too, would be double checked by comparing them with their fingerprints.

The deputy interior minister said, ˈBy applying this measure one of the most credible processes of voting in the country would be achieved, which is the highest measure adopted even in most advanced countriesˈ elections.

He added, ˈIn this round of elections the national ID numbers of the voters would be registered and thus no one would be capable of casting more than one vote throughout the country.ˈ

The official also informed that measures have been adopted so that immediately after the end of the election hours the number of male and female votes in each province would be announced.

He added, ˈIn June 14 elections we would prove the fact to the world nations that our elections are both very fruitful and very glorious, thus paying our debt to the revolution and the system.ˈ

The head of the Registrars Organization said, ˈEven a single vote is important as these single votes are turned into an ocean and create the political epic that the Supreme Leader expects to happen on the June 14 Presidential Election.ˈ

Nazemi-Ardekani added, ˈAt the 9th round of the Parliamentary Elections, held right after the 2009 post-Presidential Election sedition, despite the entire plots hatched by the enemies 65% of the legible voters participated in the elections, which showed the nationˈs fidelity to the revolution and the Supreme Leader.ˈ