Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bolivia: Bolivia exempts National Iranian Oil Company from taxes

Iran oil exempt from tax
Source: IRNA

Bolivian government has granted tax exemption to National Iranian Oil Company after the NIOC experts trained their Bolivian counterparts.

In a letter to Iranˈs Foreign Ministry, the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hailed efforts made by the NIOC experts in conducting a three-month training course for experts of the Bolivian oil company, an official at the NIOC has said.

A group of 26 Bolivian oil experts passed an NIOC training course last year in the fields of geology, oil engineering, excavation and exploitation, Head of NIOCˈs training department Abdollah Abbasian said.

According to the decision of the Bolivian oil company, the NIOC would be exempted from any taxes in case of involving in any activities in Bolivia.

The decision was made as an appreciation to the assistance of the Iranian oil experts to their Bolivian counterparts.