Saturday, January 19, 2013

Afghanistan: Afghan expert - US troops impunity endangers Afghanistan's security

Source: IRNA

Kabul, Afghanistan, Jan 18, IRNA – An Afghan political expert said on Friday that establishment of US military bases in Afghanistan as well as continuous presence of US military forces in that country and granting impunity to American troops would endanger Afghanistan's security, peace and sovereignty.

Speaking to IRNA, Spokesman of the United National Front of Afghanistan Vahid Mojdeh made the remarks while strongly criticizing the decision to establish US military bases in Afghanistan.

He said the move would not settle Afghanistan's crisis, but would, instead, escalate tensions in that country.

Complaining the continuous presence of the US troops in Afghanistan, Mojdeh said, during the past decade, over 150 thousands of foreign soldiers, imposing billions of dollars of costs on Kabul, have not only failed to bring peace and security to Afghanistan, but they just added to the country's poverty, murder and destruction rates and also caused further production of opium in the past decade.

Mojdeh said Afghanistan would never experience peace and stability as long as foreign forces kept remaining in that country.