Thursday, September 13, 2012

South Sudan: Villages submerged by floods in Jonglei

Source: Miraya FM

More than twenty villages have been completely submerged by floods in Akobo County of Jonglei state.
The affected communities have been forced to leave their homes and seek shelter at the Akobo County headquarters and other highland areas. The structures destroyed also include schools that have now been forced to close down. The acting commissioner of Akobo County, Makuac Ding Arok told Radio Miraya that the communities are also being displaced by wild animals that are also escaping the floods. Makuac Ding Arok explained the situation to Radio Miraya.

"Yesterday it rained for five hours, all the villages, 23 villages of Akobo County have been overrun by water floods. All the NGOs working in Akobo County have carried out a rapid assessment and found out that 980 households have been affected. Majority of them have come to Akobo town but the wild elephants have been chasing two villages displacing people"

Meanwhile, in Northern Bahr el Ghazel State, floods have destroyed more 700 houses in a returnee's camp in Aweil town. The houses were submerged by heavy rain that lasted twelve hours on Tuesday.

Most of the displaced have put up make-shift shelters on higher ground by the roadside. The state minister of information, Jackline Nyibol Benjamin, told Radio Miraya that affected communities are in need of tarpaulins or plastic sheets, medicines and other basic items.