Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Iran: Russian official - Iran to get full control of Bushehr plant soon

Source: IRNA

Moscow, Sept 5, IRNA – Construction Chief of Bushehr Nuclear Plant Igor Mezenin in Russian contractor company Atomstroyexport declared on Tuesday evening that Iran will get full control of the plant in December.

IRNA quoting Rianovesti reported that Mezenin has said he believes the plant will be transferred to Iranian side in the last week of December.

Bushehr nuclear plant reached its final capacity to generate electricity on August 31, 2012 and the reactor of the plant got into power grid with its 100 percent capacity.

The Russian official added that before transferring full control of plant management to Iranian side, a number of necessary trials should be completed.

Construction of the nuclear plant started in the year 1974 by German company of Siemens.

A contract to complete construction of the first unit of the plant was signed in 1995 with Russia in Tehran.

According to the contract, Russia was committed to construct a water-water Reactor ( WWER-1000) for Iran and supply its nuclear fuel and train Iranian experts.

In 1998, the two sides agreed that Moscow should complete the whole project.