Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sudan-South Sudan: Embassy of Sudan - Armed Forces Reclaim Territory; Reiterates Commitment to Peace

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

After 10 days of uncalled for aggression and occupation of Sudan's territory condemned world wide, the SPLA has been decisively defeated and routed from Heglig. Invoking Sudan's sovereignty and inalienable right to self-defense, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) confronted and swiftly forced the SPLA out of a territory that remains indisputably Sudanese.

Sudan expresses gratitude to those who stood in solidarity with the citizens and Army through this period of unwarranted provocations. Appreciations are also extended to those members of the international community who promptly condemned the aggressors and demanded their immediate and unconditional withdrawal. The fact that these calls were not heeded and ultimately ignored by South Sudan was what left the Sudan Armed Forces with little choice but to resort to armed measures. It's also regrettable that some members of the international community took a very soft stance towards South Sudan even going as far as to call for imposing sanctions on Sudan, a fact that only further emboldened the aggressor who even as late as yesterday remained defiant.

The government of South Sudan must be held responsible for the lives lost and damage caused to the infrastructure, the undeniable and direct consequence of its reckless actions. It is now upon those who purport to carry the banner of justice to hold south Sudan to account so that it learns such heinous actions are not without repercussions.

Sudan reemphasizes its desire for peace and genuine interest in forging peaceful relations with its neighbors and the international community. Our response was purely in self defense to an aggression, and did not go an iota beyond that objective. And history will attest to the fact that Sudan has never been an aggressor nor has it ever tolerated unsolicited aggression.