Friday, March 02, 2012

Sudan: Sudan Says Congressman Wolf and His Media Crew Break International Law and Continue Misleading the Public

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

Sudan condemns Congressman Wolf's illegal entry into the country which he admits to and says specifically that he went through the "SPLM-N controlled areas of Southern Kordofan." We have laws against such border crossings which deserve to be respected by foreigners just as the laws of the United States prohibiting illegal entries demand to be observed and require individuals to obtain proper visas. Also, those journalists who illegally sneak into the country such as New York Times' Nicholas Kristof and Ann Curry of NBC, jeopardize their own safety and that of others. It's worth noting that both of these journalists were previously granted visas and Mrs. Curry in fact sat face to face with the president

Moreover, in his report, the congressman quotes these very biased journalists to corroborate these fabricated and exaggerated stories he alleges to have been recounted to him in the camps; the same biased and inflammatory reporting which aims to create a new Darfur by playing the race card and appallingly framing the crisis as Arabs against Blacks. There isn't a single statement in his report that points to the root cause of the crisis, nor does it condemn the heinous acts committed by the rebels. There are also no statements that hold Southern Sudan accountable for its role in the conflict. And the fact is that the government of Southern Sudan is responsible for undermining the CPA. Its troops are the ones invading Jau and infringing on the sovereignty of Sudan. They are the ones providing safe haven and arms to the rebels that have wreaked havoc on the residents of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

To be an "honest broker," as Secretary Clinton proclaimed the United States to be, officials and representatives should refrain from making baseless accusations against the Sudan government. Incendiary statements such as those made during her testimony that President Bashir is working to "undo the results of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement" and undermining the new state do not reflect the words of an honest broker. After all, if it weren't for this Government and the leadership of President Bashir, there would be no CPA in the first place. Furthermore, an honest broker needs to be impartial and apply pressure where it's really deserved. The Southern Sudan government has not in any substantive form been pressured by the U.S. to cease its support of the rebels. Hence Sudan will continue to demand the constructive and honest engagement of the U.S. administration.