Thursday, January 05, 2012

Libya: Independent Libya Foundation President Issues 2012 Statement

SOURCE Independent Libya Foundation

PARIS, TRIPOLI, Libya and NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2012 - The following Statement was issued and approved by Independent Libya Foundation President Basit Igtet to media and foreign press regarding the activities of the ILF in 2012. The press statement is as follows:

"When the revolution started in February 2011 I made a commitment to myself to support it until the end. I knew we had a chance for freedom but I also know freedom does not come without sacrifice. My father sacrificed his life for freedom and human rights in Libya in the early years of Kaddafi's regime as did his father, my grandfather, against Mussolini before him. The start of this revolution was a clear call of duty, it was my time to continue my family's long fight against injustice.

"In forming the International Libya Foundation (ILF) we took a clear position in what is known as the 'Arab Spring' and what I believe is really the human-spring - the beginning of an evolution for humanity. At such an important time in human history, a time when people all over the world are taking a stand and fighting for their freedom, I am proud that the ILF was able to respond to Libya's cry for help.

"Thus, the ILF was founded out of an urgent need at a critical time in Libya's history. It was founded out of duty and honor and fueled by the belief that Libya could be and would be free. In the aftermath of the revolution we at the ILF believe our work has only just begun. We now have a country to rebuild, a population to support and care for and a responsibility to humanity.

"We are committed to Libya's future as a thriving nation, built on a strong foundation of human rights, democratic values and advanced healthcare and other services vital to the health and well being of its people. We believe our success in the coming months and years is not only important for Libya but also for our neighbors in Africa and other nations around the world, mostly in South America, whose people are struggling under oppressive regimes as ours did for 42 years. We believe we have a duty to help these people; to be an example and a resource to them as they too strive to break free.

"As we look forward to 2012 we have a lot of work to do. This, the foundational development of our nation, we believe will be our most important work. This year we will seek to accurately discover the true condition of Libya as a nation. We will invest ourselves to responsibly evaluate and prioritize the country's needs as well as estimate its potentials in order to provide the most effective and ecological support in the years to come.

"We are committed to protecting Libya's hard earned freedom and honoring the human struggle the revolution represents. We also recognize that with this new earned freedom comes great responsibility. We at the ILF seek to honor this freedom, and the many people who risked and sacrificed their lives – both Libyans and those from France, the UK, USA and Qatar amongst others - to gain it by investing ourselves wholly in Libya and working tirelessly to support the evolution of Libyan society.

"I am proud to be a member of this society – albeit an estranged one – and I look forward to evolving as part of the human team that will forward my country, and hopefully the world, this year and for many more to come."

How ILF describes itself

Our mission is to support the sustained development of Libya as a strong and prosperous African nation. Committed to humanitarian and democratic values we seek to support the advancement of education, healthcare and other social services within Libya as well as foster strong international relations and represent the country's interests in international affairs.

The Independent Libya Foundation (ILF), a non-profit, non-partisan organization, was formed to champion freedom and human rights at the start of the 2011 Libyan revolution. After the revolution the organization re-formed to support the sustainable development of Libya's civil society. Founded by both Libyan and non-Libyan nationals the ILF is geared towards cultivating an understanding of Libya, discovering how to best support its growth in the post-Qadaffi era and effectively represent the country in International Affairs. The ILF will focus its efforts in the areas of education, humanitarian and healthcare services as well as regional and international relations.