Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iran: Police arrest those who entered UK embassy - Acting Police Commander Ahmad-Reza Radan

Source: IRNA

Police arrests people who entered UK embassy

Tehran, Nov 30, IRNA – Acting Police Commander Ahmad-Reza Radan said those who entered the UK embassy were arrested.

He said the details of the incident are currently under investigation.

Radan added that the events which took place in the UK embassy in Tehran injured the public feelings.

A number of people gathered in front of the UK embassy and started chanting slogans, he said, adding that another group of people got excited in their feelings and entered the UK embassy by passing through Police forces.

He stressed that a number of those who entered the embassy building have been arrested while necessary measures have already been taken to arrest the other ones.

Radan noted that following the incident, the Police Chief Esmaiel Ahmadi Moqaddam was present in the embassy to ensure the UK ambassador and staff of their security.

According to Radan, people who had penetrated into Qolhak Garden have also been arrested.

Iran's Foreign Ministry expressed regret over 'unacceptable behavior of certain protestors' in front of the UK Embassy.

British ambassador has expressed gratitude for the measures taken by the Iranian police in arresting people who entered the embassy building.

A number of Iranian university students gathered outside the UK Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon.