Thursday, October 06, 2011

Iran: Ahmadinejad - Best world order theory is Perfect Human Being’s Governance

Source: IRNA

IRI President Said here Wednesday establishment of a global government is 1st step for blossoming of mankind, adding, “Clergies’ most important mission and responsibility now is introduction and elaboration of new world order for nations.”

According to the IRNA Wednesday Night News Team, the IRI Government’s website further quoted President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying so on the 1st day of his 4th provincial visit of Hamedan Province in a meeting with the clergies and scholars of religious sciences of the province, further stressing that today the world is at the threshold of very great developments.
President Ahmadinejad added, “No Muslim can be indifferent about the future of the world, because Islam, as a perfect religion, is not limited to any geographical border.”

Pointing out that Islam can only be fully implemented at global scale, Ahmadinejad added, “The human beings are created equals around the globe and the human societies around the globe influence each other, and these are two major reasons for the global nature of the human beings.”

The IRI President added that the unadulterated teachings of Islam, too, have global capacity, emphasizing, “The status quo of the world order toady is based on an oppressive mentality, which is on the verge of collapse, which is why planning for an alternative world order and presenting it to the world is necessary today.”

Ahmadinejad reiterated, “Preparing the scheme of global governance and presenting it to the world (nations) must be regarded as our most important responsibility and mission.”
Pointing out that the establishment of a global government would be the first and foremost important step towards the blossoming of the human being, the president added, “The establishment of justice is providing the conditions for the blossoming of the human beings’ talents and the beginning of the human beings; wayfaring towards exaltation.”

Ahmadinejad emphasized that today the world is, theoretically speaking, facing a vacuum, adding, “The best theory for global governance is the theory of the Perfect Human Being.”
The IRI President said, “If the reality of the Imam and the Perfect Human Being would be presented to the nations they would all welcome it, because it is based on the innate nature of the human beings, and today this reality is quite obviously observed in the awakening of the nations.”

Ahmadinejad referred to the point that throughout the history the efforts made for unity among the followers of the monotheist faiths have always been invaded by the evils, arguing, “Having a futuristic viewpoint on the global governance of justice led by the Perfect Human Being would leave the devils and the oppressors deprived of even a single word to respond.”

The president pointed out that if the horizon of our perspective would be global, capturing the peaks of advancement at national level, too, would be easier for us, stressing, “The Islamic culture and mentality are both global.”

President Ahmadinejad reiterated, “If we would neglect, the oppressor powers would under the current sensitive conditions replace the present world order with another similar one with a different façade, and that would be to the loss of the world nations and the loss of the future of the world.”

He emphasized that the global government of the Perfect Human Being is the axis for the entire mankind, reiterating, “The threshold for sciences, perfection, and blossoming of the mankind is merely in the path of Imamate and Vicegerency, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has been established aimed at introducing the path and the government of the Perfect Human Being.”
The president referred to the social delinquencies with which the mankind is entangled today, reiterating, “Acquaintance with the reality of Imam means loving beauty and kindness, and that is what can uproot the entire delinquencies.”

Ahmadinejad said that the mankind is thirsty for exalted thoughts and the Governance of the Perfect Human Being, reiterating, “This mentality must be dully elaborated and explained for the entire world nations.”

The head of the executive branch of the system emphasized that introduction of the new world order based on justice seeking and demanding the entire mankind’s rights is a dire necessity, reiterating, “The tyrant oppressors must be put under pressure, and by grace of God, pulled down from their power thrones.”

He said that Almighty Allah is beyond doubt the supporter of the activists in the field of promoting the exalted culture and thoughts, emphasizing, “The enemy spent its entire efforts in various fields of sanctions against the Iranian nation and they had assumed that the imposed sanctions during the past two years would have really been paralyzing, but by grace of God the entire sanctions were annulled.”

Elsewhere in his address the head of the government said that the clergies are the broadcasters of true and pure Islam and the government is at their service with its entire capabilities and power.

He suggested at the end that the clergies today should like the ones in the past, such as Sheikh Baha’ie, be acquainted with the entire sciences of the day.

Before the president’s address the Representative of the Supreme Leader in Hamedan and Representative of Assembly of Leadership Expert Ayatollah Qiaseddin Taha-Mohammadi pointed out that President Ahmadinejad is the truthful servant of vicegerency and the nation, emphasizing, “No government has paid attention to the issues related to the seminary schools, the religious scholars, and the clergies as much s the 9th and the 10th governments, and the current government is definitely pro-religion.”