Saturday, June 11, 2011

Iran: Two tribes reach peace agreement in Iranshahr, Iran

Zahedan, June 11, IRNA – Thanks to efforts made by regional officials, trustees, and Friday Imams of Iranshahr, Jamshid-Zehi and Khaki-Zehi tribes reached a peace agreement after two years of disputes and bloody clashes.

The Friday Prayer Imam of Iranshahr Hojjatoleslam Mohammad-Javad Abdollahi said at the reconciliation ceremony of these two tribes, held at Fatemeh al-Zahra (P) Prayer Hall of Iranshahr Township, “The Jamshid-Zehi and Khaki-Zehi tribes are of the same origin, but they had become at odds against one another during the past couple of years.”

According to the IRNA reporter in Sistan-o Balouchestan Province, Abdollahi added, “Unfortunately, due to the previous clashes between these two tribes four people lost their lives, but today we are witnesses to the end of their enmities.”

He reiterated, “The religious Alims, social trustees, and regional tribal heads are praiseworthy for their mediating roles that led to this peace agreement.”