Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People Smuggling: Teknaf, Bangladesh - police save 50 headed to Malaysia

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Teknaf, Bangladesh:
Police personnel from Teknaf police station saved about 50 Malaysia voyagers by a fishing trawler from Teknaf on May 7, at about 12:00 mid night, while preparing to go to Malaysia, said a fisherman from Sabran village on condition of anonymity.

On information, a group of police from Teknaf went to the Hadursara fishermen Ghat( gate)of Sarbran village under the Sharpuri Dip (island) on May 7, at about 12:00 mid night, and hit the voyagers while they were preparing to go to Malaysia by a fishing trawler.

“When police tried to arrest the voyagers, most of them fled from the scene and some were arrested including Rohingyas and Bangladeshis.”

The arrested six are identified as Md. Liyakat (35), son of Kalu, Fatema Khatun (35), wife of Habi Ullah, and Jamal Ahmed (40), son of Osiur Rahman. The three arrestees belong to Aley Than Kyaw village of Maungdaw Township, the fisherman more added.

“Another three arrested are Bangladeshis, identified as Ali Hussain (24), son of Jamal Ahmed, Abdu khalek (30), son of Abdul Gaffar, and Rahamatt Ullah( 22), son of Moson Ali. All these three hailed from Mondor Bill village of Shapuri Dip.”

According to arrested person named Liyakat, they came to Bangladesh since 45 days ago to go to Malaysia. After arriving at Teknaf, they had cleared money with Dalals (brokers) namely Md. Tayub of Oliabat village of Teknaf, Abdullah, the same location and Zahid Hussain, son of Salamat Ullah, hailed from Sabran old village. They (agents) collected Taka 15,000 to 25,000 per head according to their family status.

The agents or brokers of boat-people have been trying to send people to Malaysia by sea voyage taking huge money after recruiting the people. Sometimes, boat-people were cheated by the agents that after one or two days driving the trawler, if they meet and island or a land they said that it is a part of Malaysia and dropped them from the trawler and then, the drivers managed to flee leaving the boat-people there, the Liyakat added.

The second officer Fayazur Rahman of Teknaf police station said, “If the local people of Teknaf are aware of these kinds of incidents and give help to the concerned authority, the vulnerable people will be saved. Sometimes, boat-peopled are fooled by the agents.”

On operation, police seized a boat with an engine, 52 plates, Biddi and cigarettes, some clothes, and some rations.

The arrestees have been detained in Teknaf police Station, so far, said a businessman from Teknaf.

Local people surprise that the weather is very bad, how the brokers try to send people to Malaysia by engine boat, said a local elder.

One infamous Dalal (agent or broker) named Maulvi Abdu Rahim has already arrived to Bangladesh from Malaysia and lives at Link Road of Cox’s Bazar in a house of his friend. He has much experience for sending boat-people to Malaysia from Bangladesh. Once, he was arrested in Thailand , but he was released after paying money. Local people believe that he will send people to Malaysia soon, said a friend of Dalal who denied to be named.