Saturday, May 14, 2011

Middle East: Representatives of Hamas in Lebanon confer with Iran's ambassador

Beirut, May 14, IRNA – On the eve of 63rd anniversary of occupation of Palestine, heads of groups and well-known personalities of Palestinians in Lebanon conferred with Iran's ambassador to Beirut.

While Palestinians from all around the world are making themselves ready for a symbolic move toward occupied Palestine on Sunday, heads of groups and well-known personalities of Palestine including Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), Islamic Jihad, Fatah Movement, Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (General Command), Palestine Liberation Front, People Democratic Front, groups affiliated to SAF as well as tens of Palestinian intellectuals and researchers attended Iran's embassy banquet on Friday evening.

In the meeting, Iran's Ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi welcomed serious steps of Palestinian groups to achieve national unity and solve domestic disputes and congratulated Palestinians on the move.

He expressed hope that the move leads to liberation of Palestine as well as Mosque of al-Aqsa.
The ambassador asked all Palestinians to commemorate May 15 Day actively and show to the whole world and the Zionist regime that Palestine nation and its resisting youth are alive and do not let the international Zionism confiscate their rights.

Representatives from different Palestinian groups delivered speeches in the meeting.
They appreciated Iranian support for the oppressed people of Palestine and also called all their compatriots to attend Sunday's demonstration.