Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kuwait: Kuwait's Prime Minister Addresses National Assembly; Lays Out Hopes for Cooperation

Source: Al Madar

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah addressed Kuwait's National Assembly today and urged lawmakers to move past differences between one another in an effort to end a period of what he deemed "political fatigue." His speech to the National Assembly came during their meeting after the swearing in of the new cabinet members.

Looking to bring lawmakers together, Sheikh Nasser noted that individuals need to make sacrifices "so that the Almighty help us be worthy of the great responsibility of facing immense challenge and so that we succeed in pushing ahead with reforms and development."

The premier discussed his vision for Kuwait, saying, "As we look forward to a bright future, we have a responsibility to set a practical mode of operation for a new phase of action, production, assessment, and accountability when it comes to national rights and duties."

Noting government needs to work with one another Sheikh Nasser openly welcomed criticism from his fellow elected officials. Urging lawmakers to monitor one another he said that the, "best option to bolster mutual trust between the government and the National Assembly remains cooperation which is based on and supported by reasonable and respectful dialogue."

Laying out a vision for a new era of effective government in Kuwait, Sheikh Nasser said, "Today we open a new page in our relationship with the National Assembly, based on honest and open hearted good intent, aiming at dialogue, understanding, and conciliation and harmony. We hope this sentiment and stance be reciprocated so that we might work together on realizing our nation's comprehensive reform plan."

"In view of the ongoing transformations in our region, with all the internal and external challenge involved, we need to be ready to deal with the outcomes and consequences by all means to preserve our stability and security," Sheikh Nasser remarked.

Sheikh Nasser conveyed his sincere confidence in the National Assembly to deliver a government that works for the people of Kuwait and noted that Kuwaitis deserve strong leadership now and in the future.