Friday, April 08, 2011

Sudan: Sudan dismisses Israeli claims they were targeting Abdul Latif al-Ashqar

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

Sudan categorically dismisses the allegation made by the Israelis that they were targeting Abdul Latif al-Ashqar, an alleged member of the Hamas, when their missile violently struck a civilian vehicle on Wednesday near Port Sudan. There were no foreigners in that car. There were two Sudanese Citizens, Issa Hadab and Ahmed Jibril. There is not a shred of evidence that could possibly link these two innocents to any terrorist ties as claimed by Israel. The strike was an unwarranted and shameful act of aggression deserving of the most vehement condemnation from members of the international community and those who care for peace.

Those usual malicious, unsubstantiated and frivolous accusations that seek to implicate Sudan in terrorist activities are worn out and no longer suffice as justification for such flagrant violations of international norms. But such thoughtless and provocative actions can only fuel the very terrorism that Israel is claiming to combat. And for all its rhetoric against it, the killing of innocents can only surely work to cast the country as a perpetrator of that very insidious problem it claims to fear. Furthermore, it is hard to fathom how the presence of "hostile" figures in foreign territories justifies Israel's violation of International Laws. One can only imagine what kind of a world we would have if such behavior were reciprocated and every entity just pursued their perceived enemies without regard to any Laws.

It is to be reiterated that Sudan is a peace-loving country that has tirelessly worked and invested resources into deterring all forms of terrorist threats, and has remained steadfast in its search for peace both inside and outside its territory. This incident can only be assumed to be a sorry attempt at linking Sudan to terrorism so as to maintain obstacles between the country and the peace-loving community. It must be said however that with such heinous actions that the world has repeatedly witnessed (a few of its kind within Sudan alone), the State of Israel is a threat to peace in the region and around the globe. The international community cannot sit idly by and watch it run amok. The world must take a stand and uphold international laws that prohibit such wanton aggression against sovereign nations and citizens of the world. This is a matter that requires the attention of the Security Council and is one that will put its credibility to the test.