Friday, April 29, 2011

Middle East: West opposing 'tide of history' in Arab World, says UK professor

London, April 29, IRNA – The unprecedented uprisings in the Arab World over the past three months are not going to subside but will get stronger, according to Professor Rodney Shakespeare.

Shakespeare, a barrister and lecturer, said the protests in the Middle East are the result of an “Islamic Awakening, democratic desire and demographic change in young, internet-savvy, unemployed populations which are now demanding their long-withheld rights.”

“None of this is going to disappear - in fact, over time, it will get stronger - and so there is a fundamental question for governments in the region, their allies and controllers – which side of the tide of history will they be on?” he said.

“The USA and the UK have decided to oppose the tide of history and are supporting, even ordering, a genocide,” Shakespeare said in an interview with IRNA.

In Bahrain, he said, “a whole people are being imprisoned, disappeared, tortured and killed,” while mosques are being razed and bullets and tear gas are sprayed into houses.

In a previous interview with IRNA, the British barrister and lecturer accused the west of “playing a cynical game” in its zest to influence and control the future of a Libya.

In a more general reflection, he said that a big factor in the uprisings is being ignored – the worldwide financial collapse, which is now in its third year.

“The Western attempt to solve its problem is resulting in the printing of money with consequent effects on food prices in poor countries where maybe half of the population live on under $3 per day,” Shakespeare said.

He warned that the “collapse is likely to get worse and so there could be effects on a much bigger scale than at present” while the US and UK “in due course, will pay the economic and political price for their stupidity.”